How might adding confidence intervals help managers understand results better

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What Is a Confidence Interval and Why Would You Want One? Good Questions I really knew what I’d done or what it meant. So I trawled through various statistics books to gain a better understanding of confidence intervals, and this column is the result.

Restoring Confidence in Usability Results. He also had a calculator and a detailed. AMSOIL to the Rescue in the CK-4/FA-3 Diesel Oil Crisis. The pains in the API’s new Service Grades for diesel oil, and why your Duramax diesel engine oil choice is more critical than ever before.

CK-4 Crisis Briefing: Duringthe fallout from the pressure of the latest EPA mandates has had a severe and costly impact in diesel engine oils. There is not a lot of empathy for low and mediocre performers in the “work blogging” sphere in general.

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How might adding confidence intervals help managers understand results better
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