How can a nation create an absolute advantage through its investment activities

Benefits of International Trade

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Competitive Advantage

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Benefits of International Trade

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A country with no absolute advantage in any product, i.e. the country is not the most competent producer for any goods, can still be benefited from focusing on export of goods for which it has the least opportunity cost of production.

The theory of absolute advantage suggests that countries differ in their ability to produce goods efficiently. The theory suggests that a country should specialize in producing goods in areas where it has an absolute advantage and import goods in areas where other countries have absolute advantages.

National competitive advantage theory argues that companies that can benefit from the product or process technologies of an internationally competitive industry begin to form clusters of related economic activities in the same geographic region.

As its workforce became better educated through its investment strategies in the '70s, it began attracting higher value-added industries such as petrochemicals, electronics and data storage. 50) Nations following the theory of _____ believed that the world's wealth was limited and that a nation could increase its share of the pie only at the expense of its neighbors.

A) absolute advantage. Weaknesses: When one nation is absolutely inferior there is no advice, when there are many nations it may be difficult to find an absolute advantage. Comparative Advantage Strengths: More realistic guidance to nations interested in trade but having no absolute advantage, explains patterns of trade based on factor endowments.

How can a nation create an absolute advantage through its investment activities
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