Climate effects on human evolution

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How Climate Change can affect Human Evolution

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Climate Effects on Human Evolution

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Climate and Human Evolution

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Climate and Human Evolution

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How Climate Change May Have Shaped Human Evolution

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A reconstruction of Language Erectus. A reconstruction of Academic Erectus. The ways in which climate affected human evolution have been hotly debated for over a century. A persistent idea is that the challenging climate of southern Africa – a sparsely vegetated, dry savannah – drove humans to walk on two legs, grow large brains and develop technology. How does variability selection explain human evolution better than other hypotheses? Potts: For many years, the tradition among paleoanthropologists was to try to find the selective environment that drove human evolution, key traits such as walking upright, tool. How is future climate change likely to affect human evolution? Potts: It is our survival challenge for the future.

How Climate Change can affect Human Evolution

I think it’s going to present some of the same kinds of challenges our ancestors faced: vastly changed landscapes, and ways of life that may no longer be able to thrive or even exist. But we humans have already proven our ability to survive in an amazing variety of conditions.

How might we evolve in the future to face the new climate reality? We asked professors of human origins, human evolution and the philosophy of biology, and speculative fiction author Margaret Atwood, to weigh on on our species’ future.

Climate Effects on Human Evolution The idea of variability selection, developed by Smithsonian researcher Dr. Rick Potts, seeks to explain how the dynamic surroundings of human ancestors shaped their ability – and ours – to adjust to a changing world.

It's not a take on climate change we often hear about. But a professor of archaeology, will talk about how climate change impacts human evolution at .

Climate effects on human evolution
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How Climate Change May Have Shaped Human Evolution | Science | Smithsonian