Bmw strategy

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BMW perseveres with i3 in tough environment for EVs

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In a new strategy, BMW is building combustion, hybrid and electric cars all in the same factory

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The general opinion was the new BMW i3, launched inis a car ahead of its time, a car for the future. 31, i3 were sold inmore than BMW expected.

The initial plans were to sell around 20, cars per year. BMW has consistently dedicated itself to being a good corporate citizen, actively performing the obligations of its localization strategy, and contributing to the sustainable development of China.

A place for vision: the BMW Group.

The Strategy of BMW is called “number one strategy” an has been introduced after the economic crises in ; this particular strategy is focusing on soft issue more than key numbers and aims to the employees satisfaction and the sustainability in the value chain (bmwgroup, ).

Apr 02,  · Like most, BMW's stated strategies are too generic and fail to discriminate. Instead, make sure your strategies guide the investment of time and resources. As the case in point, in BMW’s new. BMW's business strategy has been perfectly aligned to its overall brand strategy, and that's what makes them so successful.

BMW has always designed and built cars with much greater responsiveness to a driver’s actions, providing a better sense of the road beneath and offering greatly enhanced control.

Bmw strategy
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