Antigone moral law vs civil law

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Human vs. Divine Law in Antigone Divine Law Divine Law is law that comes from a greater power than man, typically a type of God. Example 1 Antigone and Ismene argue about what comes first, the religous duty of citizens or the civil duty.

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Creon has declared that it's forbidden to bury the body of Polynecies, this is an example of human law. When it comes to morality, what is right and wrong based on a person’s personal beliefs, the story of Antigone is a great literary reference towards the internal struggles of an individual’s morality.

Antigone chose to attribute herself with moral law instead of Creon’s rash and destructive civil law. Antigone felt that no one had [ ]. In Antigone, Ismene plays the part of the common men, not being able to be determined which law she would follow, the political or the moral.

On the other hand, Kreon and Antigone were determined on which law to follow, and they played their role as the representative of the political and the moral law.

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Antigone moral law vs civil law
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