Alternative wine cork made with spcl

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5 Creative Ways to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew

"Cork is entirely natural, and offers an alternative to more conventional forms of insulation, with a good acoustic and thermal performance.” Seattle-based Dwell Development designed a house in with untreated cork cladding to make what the firm declares to.

Cork bottle stoppers are made from the bark of cork oaks, and it’s pretty hard work (read: expensive) to make them.

Alternative wine closure

Using alternatives is cheaper, avoids any risk of cork taint, and is simply more practical for a. Agglomerated corks, also known as technical corks, are made by the binding of cork particles with different binders and molding or extruding them into the correct shape.

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Also For Use With Other Dev Systems Such as Delphi.

Alternative wine cork made with spcl
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Natural Cork vs Alternative Closure Wars: Race to the [Wine Bottle] Top « The Wine Economist