A description of the koalas as mammals which often mistakenly confused with being called a bear

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Physical Characteristics of the Koala

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Call a Smeerp a Rabbit

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What are mammals?

Like other mammals, koalas give birth to live young, they feed their young with milk, and they are warmblooded, all defining features of Mammals.

There is no such thing as a koala bear. The creature is known asa koala, and has no connection to bears. A koala is a mammal. Like other marsupials, koala joeys are characterised by being. When Europeans first came to Australia they thought that Koalas were bears, so they were often called ‘Koala bears’.

which joins the shin much lower than in many other mammals. The Koala’s paws are specially adapted for gripping and climbing. Our cuddly koalas are loved around the world.

Often called a koala bear, they are.

A description of the koalas as mammals which often mistakenly confused with being called a bear
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